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The Omega Children Series So Far...

The Omega Children Book 1
The Return of the Marauders

Four cousins are sent to a secret island where an ancient civilisation exists. There they must unravel what their parents could not

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The Omega Children Book 2
The Vahn & the Bold Extraction

The cousins find an unlimited source of power, but cannot use it without it running out. They must unite and fight without fighting.

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The Omega Children Book 3
The Agent of the Diaspora

Death and horror have been survived, but as they try to rebuild with rescued children, the powers that be fights to have them removed.

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The Omega Children - The Delphi Oracle
The Omega Children Book 4
The Delphi Oracle

Do they carry on trying to overthrow the Vahn, rescuing the oppressed or do they follow the Oracle and the last of the Etamols.

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The Omega Children Book 5
The Final Imbroglio

The end is near. The army is intent on smashing them. The cousins are pulled in all directions. Fight or flee?

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Background - Shane A. Mason


Shane A. Mason hails from the rugged South Island of New Zealand where a lot of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings were shot.

He wrote his first novel at 18 but upon reflection decided it was a whiney teenage angst-ridden diatribe and shelved it thinking he needed more living and experience.

20 years later after marriage, divorce, time spent in a cult, part time soldier, chip cooker, proof reader, farm pest remover, truck greaser, accounts sorter-outer, engineering supervisor, bit part actor, and attaining a 4th dan black belt in karate, and training and working as a naturopath/lecturer - he watched the six DVD series on the making of Lord of the Rings. This led to an epiphany fuelled panic as he realised he had a trail of unfinished novels screaming out to be finished.

Having devoured the Harry Potter series and got frustrated with the eventual predictability of the story lines (come on – let’s face it – they got formulaic), he decided to finish his semi-fantasy action-adventure young-adult novel based around his Prema Ayuveda training. Prema Ayurveda is the art of ancient Indian mind-body-soul medicine. Roughly translated it means “nurturing knowledge of life.”.

Rather than write a text book, he decided to follow the ancients and couch all the meaning of ancient texts in a cool epic adventure around four teens that represent four parts of the mind.

Shane currently resides in Auckland, New Zealand where he divides his time between writing, marketing, family and martial arts – though he prefers to daydream and flit off into the nether-sphere where most of the ideas he comes up with are just waiting there for him. - Books in the Right Order