The Vahn and the Bold Extraction

The Omega Children – the Vahn and the Bold Extraction: Book 2

  • New Cover for the Vahn and the Bold Extraction
    The Omega Children – The Vahn and the Bold Extraction

  • ……The Omega Children goes places we can only imagine……an amazing read. Awesome for young readers and adults alike. Would love to see the story on the big screen to……… Daring Donna


    The Adventure Continues

    The cousins carry on where they left off, hopelessly trapped and wanting of allies. They plunge head long into the next pit arranged for them, though impending warning signs alert the Harbinger their “innocence” is at risk. How will the cousins cope and react?



    The gloves are off, no more mucking around. Melaleuca finally has had enough, despite what anyone says – this time she is taking the fight to them.


    Plans Amok

    Uncle Bear-Nard is in a mad panic as he must still abide by his rules, though all his plans are going horribly wrong and it seems as if the very thing he has worked for all his life is in vast danger of failing.


    Dropped in it

    Aunty Gertrude drops the cousins in the deepest end she can muster and then stands back in horror as she realises what she has done.



    Nothing is what it seems anymore, and with so many clues, information, mis-information and the Gorks crying out for their help, the cousins are bamboozled – all that makes sense is the great instructions they have been given.

    They have to unleash their powers in a climatic ending which risks everything and forever changes their path into the future.

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